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Installation Guide for – Smartpanel, React smm, Cloud smm, Dark smm, Black smm, Zinq smm, BDP smm, Rocket smm, Ocean smm, Fox smm, etc.


Step 1 – Unzip the Zip file in your public_html.

Step 2 – Download the Database.sql from the database folder.

Step 3 – Unzip the second Zip file you get when unzipped the first one in public_html.

Step 4 – Upload the database.sql in your database.

Step 5 – Now go to public_html/app/config.php update your database details.

Congratulations Installation was successfully Done.


V2 Modules Installation Guide

Step 1

  • Go to public_html

Step 2

  • Upload the Zip file you get after purchasing in

Step 3

  • Unzip the Zip file in public_html and if you see another zip file after unzipping unzip it too that’s all the Installation was successfully completed.

Enjoy !

V4 & V5 Modules Installation Guide

Step 1

  • download the zip file you get after purchasing in

Step 2

  • Upload the zip file to the public_html and unzip it there. And if you see another zip file then unzip it too.

Step 3

  • Now go to Database folder you get after unzipping it. Then download the database.sql

Step 4

  • go to cpanel > phpmyadmin > select your database > click import > upload the database.sql you got and click Go.

That’s all the module is successfully installed.

How to Install Add-ons For Smartpanel V3, V4, V5

Well Different Add-ons have different type of installation you need to read the Installation.txt file for guidance to How to Install the Add-ons.. and if you face any issues you can contact us we are doing free installation support.

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